My name is Mark, and Kaihla is my soulmate, life partner and wife. We are both independently driven artists and creatives. Kaihla is an intimate wedding + elopement photographer, and I am a passionate designer, thinker, and hands-on maker

We love to make meals together, but it doesn't always go over too well. I am often unnecessarily precise and you would think Kaihla has never seen a measuring spoon in her life; I think that's why our marriage works out so well; we balance each other out.

I have learned that if we are out and it’s past 10:30pm, little effort should be put in to keeping Kaihla awake; she can literally fall asleep anywhere. It's best to just let her curl up into the tiniest ball, doze off, and wake her when it’s time to go home.

We are addicted to road tripping. Since we first met in 2009, we've driven approximately 215,000 kms together.

If we had our way (and didn't love our families as much as we do), we would probably be two cozy hermits living somewhere in the deep dark forest (with wifi and a large shop space of course).

In the summer of 2015, we bought a blue VW Westfalia camper van (her name's Ellie). For our honeymoon, we road tripped up the Oregon Coast with Ellie; she broke down on our second last day after 2000 miles in +40 degree heat on Interstate 95. If you're curious, she's all better now and we love her like a child.  

Our favourite ritual is our morning coffee together-time before work. We're serious about our coffee, and can make it for you however you'd like (french press, aeropress, or with a camping kettle haha). Actually, I will make it for you; Kaihla doesn't follow my measuring rules often...

We are both textbook middle children; we always joke that all of our kids will be "middle children".

Meet Georgia Wild, the product of our belief in the following affirmations:

Our generation holds the most beautiful and raw pieces of love in the palms of it’s hands.

We are the wanderers of this generation; the beating hearts who believe that our wildhearted love is, indeed, the very foundation of all aspects of our lives.

We are the barefoot lovers who acknowledge that a partnership requires conditionless trust, and that neither side of the duo is greater or less than the other.

Georgia Wild breathes tangible life into this feeling; into the pause, the quiet, and the honest in-betweens.

Hold onto these moments; hold onto the stillness; because although we're verging from the footsteps that have gone before us, we still have everything that we could ever need right in these very moments.

Because although there are days when we feel as though we have nothing, your own one of a kind Georgia Wild box will be a constant reminder that we’ve truly had everything all along.