For the Wanderer in all of us,

[won-der] v. ; to travel about; meander; to roam.

The Wanderer box's smaller size is designed to keep safe one of your life's milestones, to collect images, and share these memories with those in your life whom you love the most.

The Wanderer box is our smaller box, designed for those who enjoy collecting plenty of photos throughout their lives, as well as a few smaller trinkets with sentimental value. The Box comfortably holds a large stack of 4x6 images (upwards of 300 images) securely bundled in your genuine leather photo wrap. 

Each and every one of our Boxes are individually handcrafted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, in-house production, and quality of our finished product.

Please keep in mind that every piece of wood utilized in handcrafting your Georgia Wild box is entirely unique; therefore every single box will vary in wood grain and colouring. Wood is also an organic entity meaning that it can be affected by it's climate and humidity; it is natural for your box to expand and contract with the seasons.



Both of our boxes come with a genuine Kodiak leather photo wrap that nestles comfortably onto the floor of your box. The wrap is designed to hold space for the images that were captured on your wedding day--the very foundation of your life together--and is designed to grow with the memories created every day thereafter. The photo wrap allows for growth, re-arrangement, discovery, story telling, and so much more.

Just like the Gatherer Box, the Wanderer is created with a hidden cellar compartment. We believe that the vows and promises that you have made to each other is the ideal base on which to build your life together, which is why this compartment is designed to be the foundation for the memories and objects that find a home in your Wanderer Box. This compartment is ideal for wedding vows, love letters to each other, or those other small artifacts that hold so much importance to the beginning of your relationship.


Each of our boxes come with the option of customization with a brass inlay embedded into the lid of your Box. This inlay can be stamped with your wedding date, names, or a short saying/quote. There is enough room for up to 30 characters.


• Walnut or Birch
• Leather photo wrap
• Optional brass inlay

• 10" x  6" x 4.75" OD
• 9" x 5" x 3" ID (main)
• 8.5" x 4.5" x .5" ID (hidden)






Treasure Box

Gatherer Box

Keeper Box